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Bruce MacDonald

Havoc Gallery

A metalsmith of forty years, he has perfected the ability to create holographic images on the highest quality steel through perfected techniques. This takes a 2D Stainless Steel surface and creates depth and space which interacts with light to provide a moving and almost living piece of art. Each piece will be interpreted and move every viewer in their own way. Weather resistant stainless steel creates not just a unique and immersive experience but a piece of art that will last the test of time.

Our Panther Color 4 72 dpi
Light Box detail 3 copy
Portal color detail 3 72 dpi
Running Free 72 dpi
Radiator color detail 17 72 dpi
Street Light color 9 72 dpi
Deluxe color detail 72 dpi

Stainless Steel Optical Light Illusion

Light combined with metal is a conductor of energy. Electrons on metal are loosely attached and when activated by light they will move to the wavelength of the light. Essentially taking a cold piece of steel and turning it into a radiating piece of energy. Combined with the different tools used for this art the light will recede from the viewer, some simply flatten or create no dimensionality, and some seem to lift off the surface into the foreground.

Light Rail blue 72 dpi.jpg
October Crow and Hornet 72 dpi 2.jpg

Commissioned Work

One of a kind artistic expressions that reflect each client's property, space or brand. Consultation with artist to help create the perfect piece. Light kits, accessories and instruction on best way to display art with lighting can be provided.

July 72 dpi.jpg

Highest Quality Durable Steel

Each piece is made from 316L Stainless Steel. This type of steel has a very low carbon composition and is Marine grade, which means that it is weatherproof and does not corrode even if displayed outdoors next to ocean salt air. It also has the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. This makes this art ideal for both indoor and outdoor application. It will not fade, corrode or change in any ways over the years even if displayed outside.

July 72 dpi.jpg
Cybele 72 dpi.jpg


Standard size panels range from 2'x2' to 4'x8' with the ability to go up to 10'x10'. Multiple panel pieces can be commissioned and put together to create larger art installations.

All In Your Imagination

From cityscape to abstract we can commission art that will to meet your imagination. This art is a one of kind immersive experience that will draw your guests in and leave them speechless.

Imperium 72 dpi.jpg

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