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Annika Rhea

Immersive action painter and movement artist based in Brooklyn, NY

Creator of BODY MEDIUM, a painting technique that utilizes the body in motion as a painting tool. Her work merges the worlds of visual art, performance art and film.

As a process-oriented artist she is inspired by the relationship between motion, color, rhythm and emotion. Rhea's work ranges from painting the embodiment of a concept or emotional state to painting her interpretation of musical score.

Buena Vista
The Journey of Energy
Manifestation (Rising Magic)
Color in Motion 2

Artistic Vision

Performance art is memorable, yet fleeting. I created BODY MEDIUM as a way to capture the energy emitted during performance and imprint it on canvas to live beyond the moment of creation. My paintings map energy, they map movement and they are the imprint of a happening. Each one is unique and cannot be recreated.

Renaissance- Javier Alvarez (Photo Credit).jpg
Creative Strides- To Benefit the RHMF_ Javier Alvarez (Photo Collab) .jpg

Commissioned Work

One of a kind artistic expressions that reflect each client and their space. Every piece includes a color consultation and vision session to reflect the energy of both the artist and commissioner in the piece.

Digital Art/NFT's

Along with the physical canvas each commissioned piece also receives a digital form of the art and performance creating it which can be displayed alongside the physical canvas. This includes a video of the creation and professional overhead photography with Annika on the piece.

Passion and Expansion- Javier Alvarez (Photo collab)_edited.jpg
Body Medium Performance Photo.JPG


BODY MEDIUM ART is not just about the completed piece but about the journey and energy it takes to get there. The commissioned piece can be created during a live performance for each client either in person or via Zoom. This is an immersive experience for both the artist and commissioner..

Body Suits

The canvas is not the only medium of art to be created during Annika's performances. Each performance also transforms the body suit worn during the commissioning of the piece, transcending it into part of the art that will be provided to each client. It can be displayed along with the physical canvas and digital art provided.

Bodysuit 1- Roy Davis (Photo Credit)jpeg_edited.jpg
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