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ARTISTIC DESIGN WORKS is a division of DAVID COHEN BRANDS. We represent a hand selected collective of some of the most talented artists and creative brands from around the country, which create art in a number of mediums. We specialize in working with the hospitality industry to commission or select the perfect piece of physical or digital art from our artists and artistic partners to help create one of a kind designed spaces and motifs for Casinos, Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Condominiums.

Hospitality w Brick_edited.jpg
ART Spray Paint_edited_edited_edited_edi
Passion and Expansion- Javier Alvarez (Photo collab)_edited
Body Medium- Sasha Bianca (Photo Credit)_edited
Creative Strides- To Benefit the RHMF_ Javier Alvarez (Photo Collab)
Feel the Love of Beauty cropped_edited
Find Yourself full_edited
NFT What is NFT Art
Eminence color detail 5 72 dpi
Cybele color 13 72 dpi
Our Panther Color 4 72 dpi
Flowers Close Up
Up Close
Matt Samson In Acction Video Screenshot
Matt Samson Best of Show Art.jpg


Physical Art

Commissioned Artwork

Large Volume Prints

Mosaic Art

Gif Juggler.gif


Digital Art


Art In Motion

Collaborative Designs

Manifestation (Rising Magic).HEIC


Acoustic Panels

Artistic and Custom

Gallery Wrap Quality

Environmentally Friendly

Feat Text_edited.png
Artists Graphiti Edited_edited.png
NFT 3D Art.jpeg

 As the world is changing, so too is art. NFT's and Digital Art are the future of art in many ways with the evolution of technology and blockchains. We understand how new this is to the design industry and world in general so along with helping select NFT's for hospitality projects we also educate the designers we work with on this new form of dynamic art. In many ways NFT's are perfect for hospitality in the ability for digital art to move and the many forms that it can take to not just provide wall decor but entertainment and also value. 

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